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Cultured’s ten varieties of sauerkrauts account for the majority of the shops production. The flavors of these cabbage pickles range from classic Eastern European spices to Ayurvedic blends, and quite a lot in between. All of Cultured’s sauerkrauts are naturally fermented in the brine created from the juice of the vegetables and salt—no vinegar—no water—no heat. They are unpasteurized to retain their vibrant ecosystem of beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Seasonal Specialities

Cultured’s seasonal specialty pickles highlight our relationship with the local farms of Northern California. We use the the same fermentation process as in our sauerkrauts—pickling a wide variety of vegetables to create an array of delightful and captivating combinations. Not Available In Stores.


The Japanese word for ‘pickle’ translates as “to alter without the use of heat." We explore a variety of the most traditional yet lesser known of the Japanese pickling world.


Our shop cultivates a signature twist on the celebrated and remarkable Kombucha culture. Kombucha eats tea and sugar, metabolizing them into a tangy, effervescent, and probiotic beverage.
We do not ship Kombucha. Only available at The Pickle Shop and Berkeley Farmers' Market.